A head start for school

"Although I am now at a selective school, I am able to achieve high marks in maths quite easily."

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Ready for Life

"I can do my maths school work quickly, easily and accurately thanks to Kumon"

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Jessica - A head start for school

"Although I am now at a selective school, I am able to achieve high marks in maths quite easily."

Subjects: Maths and English
Age at Enrolment: 5 years old

Seven years ago when I was in Kindergarten, I remember wanting to follow in the footsteps of my brother and start Kumon. My mother wanted me to get a good head start at school so she enrolled me in Kumon and soon enough, I found myself aiming to complete the English programme.

I completed the whole Kumon English Programme in May 2008 when I was still in primary school. In English, the questions and passages developed my vocabulary, reading speed and common sense. The most challenging work for me was the last three levels of the programme, which developed my critical reading skills. Completing these levels included commitment, patience and being keen on learning. But with a helping boost from my mother and my Kumon Instructor and belief in myself, it was no problem completing the programme.

At school, Kumon English has kept me at the top of my class and I stayed in that position from Kindergarten to Year 6. Kumon has also helped me gain high distinctions in competitions and pass the Selective School Test. I am thankful to Kumon because I now attend a selective high school.

The Kumon Maths Programme has also helped me in many different ways. Although I am now at a selective school, I am able to achieve high marks in mathematics quite easily. Kumon has lessened my stress in the transition from primary to high school. This was because I already had basic knowledge of Year 7 to Year 10 work. The maths programme has helped me master all areas of maths that I presently need to know while giving me a head start to more complex mathematical equations. It is my goal to complete the entire maths programme by Year 9.

Once I finish school, I believe the world is my oyster. My aim is to go well in the HSC and to study medical research at university. I recently realised that in Australia and all over the world, there is a rise in presently incurable diseases. That is why my main goal for the future is to find a cure or help find a cure to any disease and help people in need all over the world. I know it is a big goal but thanks to Kumon, I will find a way.

Ryan - Ready for Life

"I can do my maths school work quickly, easily and accurately thanks to Kumon."

Subjects: Maths and English
Age at Enrolment: 3 and a half years old

Ryan's parents enrolled him in Kumon when he was three and a half years old because they had seen the benefits of the Kumon programme first hand. Ryan's uncle had studied Kumon when he was young and the good results spoke for themselves. Ryan's mum had the following to say: “Even though he was very young, Ryan was ready to learn and I wanted to prepare him for school. Kumon is a programme that suits children of all ages and abilities and I knew that it would provide Ryan with the foundations in maths and English."

Through studying Kumon, Ryan has developed skills that his parents believe will help him throughout his life. Now seven years old, he is able to work independently and learn new concepts, especially those he has not yet encountered at school, by himself. Ryan is disciplined, in that he does his Kumon every day, enjoys being challenged and is able to set goals for himself.

Ryan's parents believe that Kumon is helping to build his character as well as his academic ability. They say that he has become very confident in all aspects of his life and he loves to help others. Ryan says that he likes Kumon as he enjoys the challenge of new topics, and he feels great when he is able to solve problems. He says he can do his maths school work quickly, easily and accurately thanks to Kumon.

Ryan is confident that he will be a successful lawyer when he grows up as he is learning good study habits and work skills through Kumon. And most importantly, his desire and determination to succeed is getting stronger and stronger.

How does Kumon work?

At Kumon, students study material matched to their ability rather than their age. Every student is given an initial assessment and an individualised study plan is created for them. Students then practise worksheets until they have demonstrated a sound understanding of the material before progressing to a new topic. In doing so, students eventually reach a point in the programme where they are learning material that is ahead of their school grade level..

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FAQQuestion What is the right age for my child to start Kumon?
Answer Students may be of any age – our students range from preschoolers to high school students and in some cases adults. more details

There is no minimum age; however it is of great benefit if students have experience using a pencil.

FAQQuestion Is Kumon one-on-one tuition?
Answer In Kumon, the learning occurs directly from the worksheets. The worksheets have been designed in a way that allows students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. more details

Examples and explanations are clearly provided when moving on to new topics, encouraging students to self-learn and advance independently at all times. When students encounter problems, the Instructor’s role is to assist them, and give subtle hints so that they will be encouraged to progress independently.